Gluten-Free Menu at Castle Hotel, Macroom

One of my favorite things to do is to just go for a drive and see what interesting things we can find, no agenda, no plans....this trip, however, was proving to be quite disappointing. But then we decided to stop and eat at the Castle Hotel in Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland. It was absolutely delightful. They had a wonderful gluten-free menu and I was thoroughly impressed. The food was delicious! I usually can't have soups at restaurants because they are thickened with flour, but here I had an excellent cream of mushroom soup. My main course was grilled shrimp skewers with a sweet chili sauce. I find it hard to believe and nothing short of amazing, but the gluten free menu included desserts other than ice cream! Sticky-toffee-pudding no less! mmmmmmmmmmmm........we shall return! And best of all, prices are very reasonable.

Highly Recommended!
4 paws up!

by Kewl Black Kat

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