I've Been Pucked!

My first Puck Fair in Killorglin, Ireland 2010.

     A wild mountain goat is ceremoniously caught, probably in someone's pasture, and crowned King Puck. He is then suspended on a platform in Killorglin's town square. This does seem kind of cruel, he is up so high, and for 3 days no less. Since this was my first Puck, I really had to see what Puck was all about, so I did venture out to take a few pictures.

     A couple of weeks before Puck, the city started preparing. Big cement blocks were placed around town, new fences installed, chains and pad locks appeared where none had been before and gates were closed and locked. Businesses covered their shop windows with plywood and closed. Many local people have taken their vacations during this time.

     The day before Puck, camper trailers began appearing along the roads and streets taking over the sidewalks, parks, residential roads and green belts. Children from the campers ran wild through the streets, even climbing over the fence in our yard while their mothers parked their arses on the cement wall in front of our house oblivious to the havoc their "caravan chimps" were wrecking.

     An Irishman told us "Don't say anything to the 'Knacker' children unless you like hospital food." Good advice or not, I was now afraid.

     Roads were closed and blocked off as cows were brought into town. Ohh, so much cow shite! Yecch! Lots of noise too as local bars stayed open late into the night.

     By Friday morning, all the visitors in the town had disappeared, like magic. Now all that's left is the mess. I put a pair of tennis shoes left inside our fence out by the street, hoping the child who left them would claim them, but the street-cleaner scooped them up. Locals tell me that this was a rather lame Puck Fair, not so much going on with the economy being so bad, fewer people attended. I'm glad it was quiet in comparison to years past.

by Kewl Black Kat
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