River Laune, Killorglin, Ring of Kerry

It's true, we get a lot of rain here in Ireland, it is The Emerald Isle after all. But it's really rare to have a beautiful sunny day with no wind. Somehow the wind and rain seem to go together.

Killorglin is on a hill to the south of Castlemaine Harbor and so very close to the Atlantic ocean which brings ocean breezes.

This is the first time I have seen the water in the River Laune so still with such beautiful reflections. The River Laune is famous for it's salmon fishing.

It was such a lovely and enjoyable day in beautiful Killorglin, County Kerry Ireland, home of the Puck Fair, August 10, 11 & 12. Here is a picture of Killorglin's King Puck. According to local folk lore, a stampeding herd of mountain goats alerted the towns people of the impending invasion by the Cromwellian army.

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