Gluten Free at M&S

I have learned over the years the importance of not shopping for food when you are hungry. So, I found myself at Marks and Spencer's in Dundrum, when I began looking for something I could eat like a cup of fresh fruit or a salad. But I have to tell you I was so totally amazed when I found a sandwich made with gluten free and, just as important, wheat free bread. It was a nice treat, and last but certainly not least, it was pretty darn good!

by Kewl Black Kat

Marks & Spencer (Ireland) Ltd.
Dundrum Town Centre
Unit 1-28
16 Co. Dublin
+353 (0)1 2991300

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Gluten Free at The Stone Grill in Stepaside

The Stone Grill is located beside the Step Inn bar in the charming little town of Stepaside, which is just a short drive from where we live on Simon's Ridge.

The Grill Room provides a unique dining experience for sure. The concept with the "Steak on the Stone" is that you cook your steak on the 'hot' stone to your liking. Which I did and it has to be one of the best steaks I have ever had!

I highly recommend The Stone Grill, it is an adventure you must experience at least once if you are ever in this area. Great food, great atmosphere...fantastic, and well, that pretty much sums it up!

by Kewl Black Kat

The Step Inn
Stepaside Village
Dublin 18, Ireland
+353 (0)1 295 6202
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